DIY Cabinet Painting – Creates Beautiful Wood Grain Cabinet Doors

Cabinet RefinishingCabinet refacing is the process of repainting a cabinet, not replacing it. A cabinet refacing is quite a bit different than a fresh paint job. A cabinet refacing is usually a very small painted picture, usually no larger than two by four feet in both size and dimension, but very often much smaller than this. The term is also used for pictures that reveal full length large-scale landscapes or full-body portraits on a much smaller scale, instead of a human face or similar item painted almost life-size.

If you think about replacing your existing cabinets, Cabinet Refinishing San Diego is an excellent way to achieve a similar result. Cabinet refacing is also very convenient if you do not have the time or money to replace your cabinet fronts. When you buy new cabinets, they come already stained and ready to go, but what if you want to change the stain? Cabinet refinishing offers a quick and easy solution. It is also an economical choice when compared to a fresh paint job.

Cabinet refronting is nothing more than applying a surface coat of paint to your existing cabinetry. There are three basic finishes you can choose from: acrylic, latex and semi-gloss. If you are looking for something more fancy, then there are also finishes like wine stain and faux finish. You can use these finishes to add decorative effects to your kitchen while making use of the same color family as your cabinets. This can be a quick and simple way to bring your kitchen up to date without completely replacing your cabinets.

Cabinet refacing is done by sanding the surface of your cabinet faces to bare wood or plywood. The reason for the sanding is to roughen them so that the new surface will adhere better to your cabinetry. This provides a smooth and flat surface for the new resurfacing to adhere to. Cabinet refacing is the most economical way to refresh your cabinetry and it provides lasting value with the same look and feel as your old cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are expensive to replace so you want to make sure that the job is done right the first time. Cabinet refacing gives you the opportunity to give your kitchen cabinets a whole new look while saving money at the same time. If you decide to paint over the existing cabinetry, you should select the same color. The reason is that the paint tends to fade over time and reapply can make your entire project look cheap.

Cabinet refacing is also a great way to avoid a basic cabinet color shift. If you notice that your cabinets are now different colors such as orange and pink or red and brown, you should consider a color shift. A simple solution is to paint one side of the cabinets the same color as the existing cabinets. You should plan on doing most of the work yourself. If you hire professionals to help you with the refinishing process, you could save money.

When you reface kitchen cabinet doors, you have the option to get new drawer fronts as well. Although you may be able to find similar-looking drawer fronts from other cabinets by searching online, you should take some time to match the new paint to the interior design of the drawers. It is important to match the same color and texture for the drawer fronts and sides. The new paint will also make your entire cabinet doors appear brand new.

You should consider DIY cabinet painting if you have rough wood cabinets. You can also create beautiful wood grain cabinet doors by sanding the surfaces until they are smooth. Your kitchen will look like a totally different space after you sand the floors, backsplash, and window treatments.