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IKEA Cabinet-Greenhouse Hacks

Space is at a premium in most apartments. You want to grow your food, but you don’t have the space for a full-sized greenhouse or even a small one. Well, with that limited space you have in your apartment, Ikea cabinet greenhouse hacks are the best way to go.

For plant enthusiasts, finding the perfect balance of creativity and plant displays is an art. Everyone loves it when plant parents show off their favorite tropical plants while creating a perfect environment for the plant. And that’s where the Ikea greenhouse cabinet hack comes in. 

Countless individuals have turned their IKEA cabinets into growing systems by adding home components like grow lights, fans, and special herbs. Here are some great ideas for transforming your IKEA cabinet into a greenhouse:

Features of the Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet

Robin Schouten, the founder of a popular Instagram page @Ikeagreenhouse cabinet, states that the Ikea cabinet greenhouse features IKEA cabinets that were converted into greenhouses for tropical plants. 

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Schouten, the founder of an Instagram account called Ikea greenhouse cabinet, was looking for a glass greenhouse for her humidity-loving plants and found people using these Ikea DIY ideas. In this trending DIY hack, plant parents transformed glass Ikea cabinets into indoor greenhouses, making it ideal for plant enthusiasts to deal with their limited space. 

It’s fairly easy, and all you need is a glass cabinet, grow lights, a small fan, and a humidifier. These Ikea greenhouse cabinets are versatile and can be cheap and simple or expensive and complex as you want. It all depends on your budget, DIY skills, commitments, and the type of plants you want to keep inside them.

cquire Ikea Glass Cabinet Choices for Greenhouse Hacking

Ikea offers a lot of glass cabinets that you can transform into a greenhouse. These include the detolf, fabrikor, milsbo and rudsta. These Ikea glass cabinet hacks are available in different colors and sizes. Make sure you find one that suits you.

Install Grow Light

You can install fluorescent grow lights and a simple timer to keep your houseplants alive. Fluorescent tubes are cheaper, relatively cool, and very easy to set up. You can also use LED grow lights that are more expensive but last longer. They are very efficient compared to normal light bulbs. A fan is also necessary because it helps circulate air inside the cabinet.

Perfect the Air Environment

You can grow any plant you want in your greenhouse, but these plants are helpful for tropical plants which require high humidity. In this case, add a small humidifier and tray filled with water. Include mini fans to help with air circulation and prevent mold from growing. You can also monitor the climate by keeping a temperature and humidity gauge on one of the shelves.

Customize Your Liking

You can customize your greenhouse. There are shelves, hooks, and baskets that you can glue to fit your needs. You can also use Ikea cabinet doors or covers to make sure all of your plants do not go directly on the wall or floor of the cabinet. This is an awesome way to reuse old cabinets. 

This greenhouse will help produce healthy plants, vegetables, and food for your family. Some people add pegboards, fern wood panels, and a wire rack to the back of the cabinet to clip stems and vines as plants grow. Others like adding heat mats, weather stripping, and replacing glass shelves with wire or acrylic ones.

All of these are not necessary. Beyond the main function of houseplants, indoor greenhouses are meant to please the eyes, so arrange the plants as you wish and keep monitoring their conditions to ensure their success.

Ikea Greenhouse Cabinets

Robin Schouten’s Fabrikor and Milsbo Greenhouse Setup

Robin Schouten’s greenhouse setup is pretty simple. A 3-tier Fabrikor shelving unit was attached to the wall, then a Milsbo cabinet just below it, followed by smaller plants on the top shelf. Two mini fans were used to increase airflow, and she uses grow lights in an area that doesn’t get much light. This would be perfect for growing strawberries or other vines that need support to hold them up.

Robin Schouten's Fabrikor and Milsbo Greenhouse Setup
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Vancouver Collector’s Milsbo Cabinet DIY Greenhouse

The plants inside this setup include basil plants and fig trees, both taking advantage of growing on top of cupboards that have fluorescent lighting that can be turned on at any given time. The Milsbo is retrofitted with wire shelves to allow better airflow than the glass shelves it comes with. 

A Vancouver Collector's Milsbo Cabinet DIY Greenhouse
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There are also three grow light panels, weather stripping, a small fan for air circulation, and a water tray to boost humidity. There is a hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity.

Gorgeous DIY Terrarium from an IKEA Fabrikor Cabinet

There are a few steps involved in the process of building one of these units. One of the most important is to find an existing cabinet with a backlight that you can remove or buy a Fabrikor piece that allows for this feature.

This unit gets air from a small computer fan that blows into it from the back, and there is a removable water tray for easy watering of the plants. It’s sealed and waterproofed by installing fiberglass at the bottom so that it can open and close.

3 Cabinets for a Huge Aroid Collection

The owner of this house has a nice IKEA Fabrikor unit that he mounted to the wall to store his impressive colocasia and yucca collection. As you can see, it also houses some other plants, like an interesting-looking cactus.

3 Cabinets for a Huge Aroid Collection
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The interior is filled with soil, and drainage holes were added to make it easy to keep plants alive. It’s a cheap but interesting approach to home plant storage.

FAQs about Ikea Cabinet Greenhouse Hacks

What can you grow in your greenhouse cabinets?

You can grow anything in your greenhouse Ikea, ranging from succulents, vegetables, and cacti.

Can you use perlite instead of a humidity tray?

Yes, this is an alternative way to increase air moisture for the benefit of your housing plants.

Final Thought about Ikea Cabinet Greenhouse Hacks

Well, that’s all about Ikeas cabinet greenhouse hacks. So, pick one according to your budget, DIY skills, and plant requirements to enjoy your indoor greenhouse.


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